Thursday, November 22, 2012

C&J Cream Chargers

Now those are two girls that know how to party - carline and jody aka C&J cream chargers were at an even this weekend just gone - the amount of whipped cream they dispensed had to be seen to e beleived - t was like snow on the beach....

actually to be fair it was more like this...

but whatever you think about it was fun - it didn't quite turn out the way we expected and were hoping for some cottage, frottage lubed up cream girls - that didn't transpire but it was still all good fun down in the house! The next time we'll be getting kit off fr sure before getting the foam out - it really is hard to get the smell of the whipped cream out of your clothes.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Knife Block Chargers

So where is the connection? Voodoo magic as per the voodoo knife block and cream chargers - pure as the driven snow, whipped so light and fluffy????? I guess the connection is the Cheeky Monkey who make everything creamy ....  where light and dark collide and create a rainbow that is more unicorn than monkey chargers...

So could a razor sharp knife set be used to cut through whipped cream? Very unlikely .. although a sworn can make that swish sound as it cuts through the air - perhaps I should be thinking hot knife through butter rather than voodoo knife through aerated dairy?

as demonstrated in the video there is no stopping a hot knife through butter - and I think that applies even when it the knife in question is actually totally blunt .... i think it's the heat and not the edge that give the cut. Perhaos that is why in the future we will be using light-sabres rather than cutlasses?

Monday, October 15, 2012

The real story of voodoo

It's all well and good talking about the voodoo knife block but what is voodoo really about?

Let the discovery channel tell you everything.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Whipped Cream Dispenser

The katy perry video of the human whipped cream dispenser was pretty popular - so perhaps its worth looking behind the scenes

so take a sneaky peak behind the scenes - as you can see the cream is actually dispensed from tube - probably connected to a cow that is a long way off screen in a field i Cornwall.

To recreate this in the comfort of your own home - then what you really need is a large whipped cream dispenser - such as this one link and a katy perry costume from here link

Th real trick is connecting the whipped cream dispenser to the bra - and for that we use a short length of rubber hose - unfortunately it can't be as long as the one used in the video becue even with the larg cream canister you are still really only dealing with 3L of cream from a single charger. So use a mini back-pack and just don't turn your back on your audience.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Super Sexy Knife Block

Wusthof knife blocks here wooden and very sexy.
Got wood? well they certainly have ....

Unlike many knife blocks - this one actually looks good regardless of what knives it actually holds - unlike some that only seem to really work when they have the "right" knives - usual those that came with the block in the first place - which means you are tied into oe brand in much the same way you would be with an apple computer....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Whipped Cream Dispenser

and if you don't love that use of the double, super-duper hight powered whipped cream chargers than I almost certainly have no love for you! The power of the poptastic lady killer as carefully arranged and fuel with cream chargers from any online store and if you play your cards right then you too will be able to stash some high-power full fat cream chargers inside you underwear for a cream party delight. So sweet I can taste it mmmmmmm!

Monday, July 9, 2012

8gm Cream Chargers

8gm cream chargers should perhaps not really be considered a huge amount  - but when you compare it to a cream unicorn which is in fact entirely weightless then suddenly it is extremely light - in fact so light that it hardly exists at all.

This is perhaps why Noah failed to notice the beasts as they made two backs upon the wooden roof of his Ark. Perhaps along with his wife he was so busy indulging into whipped cream fantasies that he failed to hear what was happening right over his head.

He would of course not be the first person to be affected in this way - I have on occasion failed to hear the pixies that frolic in the stream at the bottom of m garden - but I do know that they are there because sometimes they come up to the house to borrow a cup of sugar to sweeten their whipping fun.

So there we have the evidence - 8gm cream chargers do not weigh a lot - but they are more usefl than unicorns that mainly serve a purpose as toothpicks for giants.

Cream Chargers

In the world where everyone is the same then perhaps a box of cream chargers can be the thing that helps to set us apart a little bit? Take these fine cakes - can you imaging how they could not be imporived by the addition of some whipped cream?

and if you don't appreciate how rainbows are batter than normal the you probably don't beleive in unicorns and don't really qualify as capable to won you own cream chargers!