Friday, October 5, 2012

Whipped Cream Dispenser

The katy perry video of the human whipped cream dispenser was pretty popular - so perhaps its worth looking behind the scenes

so take a sneaky peak behind the scenes - as you can see the cream is actually dispensed from tube - probably connected to a cow that is a long way off screen in a field i Cornwall.

To recreate this in the comfort of your own home - then what you really need is a large whipped cream dispenser - such as this one link and a katy perry costume from here link

Th real trick is connecting the whipped cream dispenser to the bra - and for that we use a short length of rubber hose - unfortunately it can't be as long as the one used in the video becue even with the larg cream canister you are still really only dealing with 3L of cream from a single charger. So use a mini back-pack and just don't turn your back on your audience.

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