Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Knife Block Chargers

So where is the connection? Voodoo magic as per the voodoo knife block and cream chargers - pure as the driven snow, whipped so light and fluffy????? I guess the connection is the Cheeky Monkey who make everything creamy ....  where light and dark collide and create a rainbow that is more unicorn than monkey chargers...

So could a razor sharp knife set be used to cut through whipped cream? Very unlikely .. although a sworn can make that swish sound as it cuts through the air - perhaps I should be thinking hot knife through butter rather than voodoo knife through aerated dairy?

as demonstrated in the video there is no stopping a hot knife through butter - and I think that applies even when it the knife in question is actually totally blunt .... i think it's the heat and not the edge that give the cut. Perhaos that is why in the future we will be using light-sabres rather than cutlasses?

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