Monday, July 9, 2012

8gm Cream Chargers

8gm cream chargers should perhaps not really be considered a huge amount  - but when you compare it to a cream unicorn which is in fact entirely weightless then suddenly it is extremely light - in fact so light that it hardly exists at all.

This is perhaps why Noah failed to notice the beasts as they made two backs upon the wooden roof of his Ark. Perhaps along with his wife he was so busy indulging into whipped cream fantasies that he failed to hear what was happening right over his head.

He would of course not be the first person to be affected in this way - I have on occasion failed to hear the pixies that frolic in the stream at the bottom of m garden - but I do know that they are there because sometimes they come up to the house to borrow a cup of sugar to sweeten their whipping fun.

So there we have the evidence - 8gm cream chargers do not weigh a lot - but they are more usefl than unicorns that mainly serve a purpose as toothpicks for giants.

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