Thursday, November 22, 2012

C&J Cream Chargers

Now those are two girls that know how to party - carline and jody aka C&J cream chargers were at an even this weekend just gone - the amount of whipped cream they dispensed had to be seen to e beleived - t was like snow on the beach....

actually to be fair it was more like this...

but whatever you think about it was fun - it didn't quite turn out the way we expected and were hoping for some cottage, frottage lubed up cream girls - that didn't transpire but it was still all good fun down in the house! The next time we'll be getting kit off fr sure before getting the foam out - it really is hard to get the smell of the whipped cream out of your clothes.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Knife Block Chargers

So where is the connection? Voodoo magic as per the voodoo knife block and cream chargers - pure as the driven snow, whipped so light and fluffy????? I guess the connection is the Cheeky Monkey who make everything creamy ....  where light and dark collide and create a rainbow that is more unicorn than monkey chargers...

So could a razor sharp knife set be used to cut through whipped cream? Very unlikely .. although a sworn can make that swish sound as it cuts through the air - perhaps I should be thinking hot knife through butter rather than voodoo knife through aerated dairy?

as demonstrated in the video there is no stopping a hot knife through butter - and I think that applies even when it the knife in question is actually totally blunt .... i think it's the heat and not the edge that give the cut. Perhaos that is why in the future we will be using light-sabres rather than cutlasses?